Why MaxOut Strength Studio?

It is hard to tell our story and encapsulate everything we do at MaxOut Strength Studio into the typical one to two sentence vision statement. It's because to every one of our clients, MaxOut means something different. What doesn't change, however, is our commitment to their goals - fitness and personal - with deep appreciation for the trust our clients and their parents place in us. It is a privilege to share this unique opportunity with other entrepreneurs so they may develop their own experience and ultimately, write their own MaxOut story.
- Jason Griggs, President/CEO

Our Franchise

Maxout Strength Studio is dedicated to providing the most scientifically advanced fitness training for student athletes on the market today. Our revolutionary MaxOut Strength Training program, coupled with our Athletic Based Training program and Leadership Development program, offers student athletes the opportunity to reach their maximum potential - Mind, Body and Spirit – on and off the field or court.
The Maxout Strength Studio franchise opportunity has been developed around the Maxout Strength Training and Leadership Development Programs and the MaxOut Business System. Franchisees will operate within this unique, proven model to ensure positively memorable experiences for its clients while building a sustainable business poised for future growth.

The Client Experience

Speed & Agility

Speed Training consists of running mechanics and technique drills. Agility Training is designed to develop your on-field quickness.

Strength Training

MaxOut Strength Studios is dedicated to providing the most scientifically advanced strength training on the market today.


In order to achieve your maximal potential on the field or court, you need to train your body to act and react not only in an optimal environment, but also when the environment is unstable.

Core & Lumbar

At the center of all athletic movement is your core and lumbar area. A weak core/lumbar region weakens the chain of required muscles that need to act in unison to achieve maximal athletic potential.


The exercises found in our Plyometrics Training Program teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of skeletal muscle

Leadership Development

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
― John Quincy Adams

The Franchisee Experience

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Market and Growth

MaxOut Strength Studios offer services to teens and young adults generally ranging from 14-22 years of age. Most are student athletes. The business competes primarily with other national fitness chains, local fitness centers, personal training studios, and other youth life coaching and mentoring businesses in proximity to the MaxOut Strength Studio location.

The fitness and health industry in general is a mature and highly competitive industry, and is not seasonal in nature. The competitive advantage of MaxOut Strength Studio is based upon the unique strength training programs offered coupled with a behavior-focused leadership component. This is complemented at the local level with laser-focus and commitment on delivering a positively memorable client experience at all times.

The terms of our Franchise Agreement allow for both short and long-term growth. The initial term is ten years with options for two additional five-year terms. It also provides for multi-unit opportunities for qualified franchisees. There is also the ability to transfer the business, with our approval as we recognize that building equity and the desire to capitalize on growing a business is a goal of most business owners.


Our Franchise Fee is $45,000 and is only paid once, upon signing your Franchise Agreement.
The initial investment varies, mostly due to what your local market dictates for lease rates and build-out costs. The range is $251,000 to $437,000. A list of costs are detailed in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.
Yes, there are several obligations. The Royalty Fee is 7% of gross sales. There are also monthly fees for National Advertising at 3%, Local Advertising at $1,000 and a Technology Fee at $300. All are explained in our Franchise Disclosure Document.
Yes, it does. We are proud members of the International Franchise Association VetFran Program.
We do not directly offer financing for any part of your initial investment. However, we do have relationships with several national companies specifically offering financing for franchises. If needed and at the appropriate time we will make the necessary introductions.

As with all franchise opportunities, there is a process that helps both parties in making an informed decision about the potential of a business relationship. Especially, one that is considered at all times to be an interdependent relationship. The process is as follows:

  • Complete and submit the Request for More Information (see below).
  • An initial phone conversation will be scheduled with our Franchise Development Representative.
  • Our Franchise Application will be provided for your review and completion along with our Franchise Disclosure Document for your review.
  • A follow-up phone call will be scheduled to review the Application and Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • A phone call will be scheduled between you and our CEO, Jason Griggs.
  • A subsequent phone call will be scheduled between you and our COO, Matt Cubbler.
  • A follow-up phone call will be scheduled between you and our Franchise Development Registration to answer any remaining questions you may have and to review thoughts from our Leadership Team based upon phone calls with you and your application. At this point a decision will be made as to pre-approval. *This does not constitute final approval and pre-approval may be changed based upon information provided in next steps of the process. It also does not commit you in any way until you firmly decide to become a MaxOut Strength Studio Franchisee.
  • Introduction made to franchise finance sources, if you so desire.
  • Background Check completed and reviewed.
  • A Discovery Day visit to MaxOut Strength Studio Corporate Office is scheduled.
  • Decision is made by MaxOut Strength Studio Leadership Team for approval.
  • Upon your approval to become a MaxOut Strength Studio Franchisee you will sign Franchise Agreement and remit the Franchise Fee of $45,000.

Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in owning your own MaxOut Strength Studio. While we realize it's ultimately a big decision to move forward, it is important your decision be an informed one. To that end, we are here to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you through the process – a process that you can be assured will move at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

The next step is to complete and submit the form below. Upon receipt, our Franchise Development Representative will contact you to schedule an initial no-obligation phone call.

Again, thank you for your interest in MaxOut Strength Studio.

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